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Purple Glow

Madam Purpur and Monique Cherry Pop started producing Bootyswing Burlesque together in 2020 and have had their show running in Oslo, Norway at SALT art & music ever since.

The Producers

Madam Purpur

Madam purpur is a gift package of a being. Here, it will be both New Year's Eve and a birthday celebration at the same time. This smash bong bong is both a professional burlesque artist, producer for "bootyswing bulesque", one of the teachers at the Oslo School of Burlesque! She has proven to both Norway and the wider world that she is a glittering chameleon who masters the vast majority of genres within burlesque. classic burlesque, drag lesque, singing, dancing, burlesque clowning, club burlesque, humor and costume drama. With its many characters, Madam purpur gives you an evening you won't soon forget.


I produce monthly shows in Oslo , im in the ensamble of kikis burlyq at "Oslo nye" ( Oslo new Theatre). I do monthly pop ups at Salt, and i do freelance burlesque and drag. Im educated at Baardar Akademiet in musical theatre.


Notable performances are Oslo burlesque festival, Reykjavik fringe, Oslo Fringe, nurse betty NYC , Oslo Humorfestival, Oslo dragfestival, 10th celabration of " det andre teateret " , Oslo pride


2020 - to date

Bootyswing Burlesque

2022 - to date

Burlesque Bingo

2019 - to date

Oslo School of burlesque

All levels

2021 - to date


Kiki's Burly Q Ensamble

2016 - to date

Freelance Burlesque Artist

2016 - 2018


Baardar Akademiet

Music Theater

2017 - 2022

Importants Shows and Festivals

Eating disorder awarenes day charety show with fifi presents (2017)

Oslo Burlesque Festival (2017)

Nurse Betty Valentines Day  (NY, US 2019)

Whisky tango sideshow and burlesque  (NY, US2019)

Leeds Cabaret and Burlesque Festival (UK, 2019)

Burlesque Idol (London, UK 2019)

Pride Show Women's Night (2019)

Oslo Humor Festival (2021 - to date)

Oslo Fringe Festival (2021 - to date)

10 Year Celebration "Det Andre Teateret" (2021)

Oslo Drag Festival (2022)

5 Year Celebration Open Drag Stage (2022)

Reykjavik fringe festival (2022)

Monique Cherrypop


Monique cherrypop has been poppin cherrys since 92!


Her first ever solo in 2018 won the newcomer competition fifi presents:Oslo rising star, and from there on it has been a wild ride! Her signature style is sensual & sassy with a big smile and cheeky eyes. 

In 2019 she travelled the big world to burlesque festivals in England and Italy several times, and got to collect some "over the water" burlesque inspiration.


She does sexy, funny and cute with class & always with a splash of color and glitter! Here in Norway she has been seen in the production of Kikis Burly q, Open drag stage, Carnie Cabooze, Fifi Presents & Oslo Burlesqure Festival. 


The thing about burlesque is that the community is very unique and including. This was something that really sparked something in Monique, and she decided in 2020 togheter with Madam purpur to establish Bootyswing burlesque. This was to give a platform for new artist, new acts and to spread the love for burlesque all over Norway. 


Our show is spectaculare and unique, and we believe that everybody will leave a bootyswing show with alot more laughter, love and inpiration in their hearts <3

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